Who am I, and what am I about?

Who am I, and why am I here?Hello I am KellyJ, I am a mummy to 8, yes 8 children!! 

I have a partner called Trevor. I think he’s mad,as he is not the father to any of my children!(and before we go down the road of, ‘oh my, I wonder how many partners she has had? So before you question this, I shall let you into a secret, I’ve only ever had one partner before Trevor, and this other partner ‘he who shall not be named’ (yes I love Harry Potter!) is the father to all 8 of my children!) 

We live in the South West of England (United Kingdom.)

I have a disabled son he has Cerebral Palsy (quadriplegic) and I am his main carer. As he is wheelchair bound I have developed an interest in products that are trendy and that allows him to be included within his peer group, and within society.

Trevor only has 1 biological son, (as my children view Trevor as their father, he now has many more!). His son is also disabled, he has Dandy Walker Syndrome. We have him 50% of the time. He is mobile and even through many struggles he is a great kid!

Therefore, this site was developed as we want other people to have a choice. To be individual and share their passions in society. We have the desire to share our products with others who need specialist materialistic items, but cannot afford the price tag, which accompanies the disabled specialist prices.

I have to date designed a wheelchair cosy, which is both practical and trendy. It’s fleece inner allows my son to remain warm, as his circulation is not great, even in the summer! And the outer is waterproof and child friendly, and more importantly it’s not your boring colours of black or navy! However, these colours are still available, so do not despair!

We have designed neckerchiefs that from popular demand by our Miss C who is absolutely adorable may I add! Is now available in many of the princess colours!! The neckerchiefs are fleece, and Miss C’s mummy says the best product she has ever brought! Her little lady is truly a great dribbler! I think footballers need to be aware she’s a pro!

Check out our products, they are unique and we try to cater for all shapes and sizes! Also I’m not sexist so products are designed for both males and females and those people who have an unidentified gender! Products are available from the ages of newborn to 100+ years young.

Due to the age ranges within our household, from 9 years to 21 years young (only children’s ages mentioned here!) we are able to robustly trial our products, and because my son uses both a manual and electric wheelchair, he ‘roadtests’ the cosys and will critique all our products, and as children they tell the honest truth! So with intel we can say our products are good!!!

And now to our ‘furbabies’ we have two Labrador retrievers, one black, one chocolate, and they both believe their still small like puppies! A little Jack Russell Terrier cross with Yorkshire terrier, she is tiny and unfortunately losing her eyesight. Another furry housemate is Bailey our fluffy rescue cat! We have products for them too! Check out the products for your furbabies! There tried and tested by boisterous Labradors, need I say more! 🐾🐾