Cardmaking, scrapbooking · Creativity inspiration

Creativity at its best!

Check out today's crafting afternoon! 3D greeting cards 💕

Just a sample of my rainy day makes! The rest are on my other blog site: Cards and paper crafts.

That's my de-stressing complete! Who needs meditation!!

Cardmaking, scrapbooking · Creativity inspiration

Are you going to Disneyland?

Then this is for you.

Princess themed Die cut images. Die Cut means to cut to precision.

They are great for card making or for a travelling journal, or even scrapbooking. Let your imagination flow.

What can you do with them:

You could create a personalised book/card to your child about going to Disneyland. Or are you returning from Disneyland then this is great for your memories-photo books or albums or your scrapbook.

Cardmaking, scrapbooking · Creativity inspiration

The story behind this delightful handmade card selection…

The inspiration behind this cute collection, came from my youngest daughter, who is 9years old. She inherited the nickname 'baby bear' from her auntie. This always made both her and me smile!

With this in mind, I tried to recreate the warmth and loving relationship into this collection.

The embellishments represent the richness and purity of love between a mother and child, child and auntie.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them for you!