Creativity inspiration · Mindful colouring

Cultivating Acceptance

How are you feeling in this moment?

Use one word to describe each emotion that you are experiencing – for example, 'thoughtful', 'concerned' and 'hopeful' – write them done in the space provided in the pattern provided.

See if you can make room for these feelings to be, just as they are.

Simply name them and acknowledge that they are there.

You do not need to like them.

Remind yourself that you are allowed to feel this way, even if it's uncomfortable.

Now, see if you can shift the focus of your attention to the pattern before you, and colour when you wish.

This moment is meaningful and it is yours.

Creativity inspiration · Mindful colouring

Extending Compassion and Loving-kindness

Take this opportunity to be silently mindful about someone that you care for deeply.

Bring to mind three things that you like about them.

Write them down if you wish, and take some time to appreciate this person's presence in your life.

Consider the faces of strangers, and see if you can extend the warmth that you feel for your loved ones to these people too.

As you colour the mandala before you, imagine the compassion you feel extending to all living beings.

Feel loving-kindness expand with the colours that you add to the page.

May we all be happy, safe and free from suffering.

Creativity inspiration · Mindful colouring

Set Your Intention

Create the intention to colour this picture in a pleasant, warm and relaxing environment.

Consciously carve out this time for yourself, and select a space that is quiet and peaceful.

You may wish to gather items like incense, candles, a soft cushion and a blanket for your own comfort.

Perhaps put on some soothing music to enhance the tranquility of your space.

Create your setting and remind yourself of the reason behind this.

I deserve this time, to relax and care for myself.

Hold this kindness and warmth with you while you colour mindfully.